I Might be Wrong

I have this weird affect on people. Some girl working for FEMA at a meeting thought I was Aerosol.
It was the strangest thing, she invited me to sit down and acted like I was a part of the meeting. This is kind of like the affect I have on Satanists who immediately spill their secrets if I so much as look at them. It’s not so much control/ I have power of light and dark on my side.

I started gluten free Probiotics (for overall digestion support), Glucosamine (for CMT, joint support and muscle stiffness), and Fish Oil for heart and vascular health. These will help extend my life and keep me from getting sicker.

I also believe that schizophrenia is a type of virus or pollutant that affects the genes and this is why:

My immune system is very good. I was born with perfect health. That points to a genetic condition because I’m overall healthy. However I am more sensitive to infections than viruses. I mean I never get the flu or colds. I haven’t had the flu in many many years despite not getting a flu vaccine. I never get cavities even though in the past I could go over a month without brushing my teeth. That’s not very good, but I don’t like how toothpaste feels. My teeth barely turn yellow if I don’t brush them for weeks. I do need to brush them more though.

So that must have something to do with calcium. I have a myeline disorder called CMT where the myeline is worn thinner throughout the nerves and tissue in the body but is not thought to affect the brain. Even though, there is myeline in the brain.

My mom drank a lot of milk and I ate very healthy. When I was a teen I was very thin. I thought I could control my heart beat and breathing, I learned self hypnosis and I could change my body temperature through focused meditation.

I’ve never broken a bone or gotten very sick other than catching chicken pox when I was about 11. I used to get the flu more when I was younger but now I haven’t had it in awhile. When I get sick it will last less than a week and I will just get stomach sick and then it goes away.

It’s a virus that affects DNA. It can be spread if not treated. In other words, why do so many people with schizophrenia live in clusters or close proximity to each other? Because it is either contagious and it is not a horrible disease or it’s some kind of air pollutant affecting people.

Maybe it has to do with poisoning…whatever it is, it’s not inherent to us. It’s something that’s being spread through the air and environment that is toxic like aerosol.