I might be the tallest schizophrenic

Im probably the tallest schizophrenic in existence. I know someone will correct me but i am 6 foot 6 inches so i have to be up there for the biggest schizophrenic award. I feel special…power…surging…
Bow down to me minions i am ur new overlord!
No but i love people if u met me i make fun of people and kind of act like a dick but i mean it in good fun cause i love people. Im like a teddy bear with a sadistic sense of humor but that teddy bear is actually a bunny because bunnies are cooler.


More like a really big psychotic bunny with a sadistic sense of humor

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you’re the tallest I’ve heard of man… hilarious thing to mention.

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I’ll take a run at shortest. Anyone shorter than 5’3"?

If I’m the shortest then I should get the position as highest rank minion.


sorry Turnip, Debbie from my group gets the title of shortest Schizophrenic! she’s 4’11" shes not on this forum though, so maybe you are the shortest here?

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Dang. So close! Im only 5 foot 4

Oh wow she must be so cute lol.

Adorable really, its hard to not hug her randomly because she looks like a little kid, even though shes 28 lol she gets so mad because with her size and her youthful look when the group goes to the restaurant once a month (different restaurant each time) she always gets handed a kids menu!

She also very childish in her personality…its really funny because she asks so politely for the adult menu and still orders something like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese ROFLMAO. When she talks all you can think, if you watch anime, is Goth Loli, she is a major nerd, and even though she gets so upset about being treated like a kid, she plays it for all its worth…I swear if I had the skills I would make an anime/mange about her lol


Ok i have to eavsedrop and say this person sounds awesome

All I have is the baby face problem. People tell me I am lucky because I will look young even when I’m old. I’m like nope I will just look like Yoda.

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I can’t even grow a full beard and im 21. I only grow this weird stubble mustache chin fuzz garbage. Its whatever i shave anyway

she is amazing, I could never date her, because with my luck people would think I’m a pedowolf but yeah shes fun to be around, I get all my anime/manga updates from her…she makes the term American Otaku seem like a profession not a label lol she actually makes her living that way, she is somehow able to get ahold of merchandise that you usually cant get outside of Japan!

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How long are your toes? :footprints: I read an article today about ideal toe length in distance runners vs sprinters :smile_cat:

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I’m 2 cm shorter than you :slight_smile:

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It’s all relative. In the NBA you would be average in height.

I have inferiority complex especially with tall white male. And I still have it. :sweat:

Kind of short, but not super stuby. I alao have that one middle toe that’s longer than the big toe. is that good? That sounds like a funny article. You mean someone put so much effort looking at athlete toes? Ha! Why? :laughing:

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I think we should start a thread about who is the fattest schizophrenic hahaha

That would be a super competitive thread thanks to meds!

please don’t remind…I went from 160 lbs before I started meds to 311 last fall…now I am down to 250ish though

I went from 55kg to 90 :frowning:

The struggle is real