I might be living in our 55th state pretty soon

A serious ballot measure has cleared a few hurdles in California that aims to divide us into 6 separate states. In several months I may not be living in California any more. If all goes as planned I may be living in 'The State of Silicon Valley". Seriously.


Each new state will form their own militia groups. Keep your brownie mixes hidden. :eyes:

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I like the eyes. I gave the brownie mixes away long ago to the homeless.


A horrible attempt by the rich to cut themselves off from the rest of the state.

Very perceptive. The bill was sponsored by a billionaire. If it goes through, I will be living in the richest state in the union. They have already been talking for years about splitting California into two states :Northern California and Southern California.

I heard the federal government won’t go for it.

It’s probably in the same category to them of the movement to have Texas secede from the rest of the United States.

I say we just break up this great land of ours into individual little city states…city states man…city states. Take democracy back to the circumstances of it’s birth…

Wait, what would happen to my social security checks??? Nevermind, let’s not do that.

I have family living in San Leandro… little city nestled between Hayward and Oakland… they keep saying that sure Silicon state would have a lot of money… but it’s the other regions that have the water, the timber, the food. Other “states” sure could charge a LOT of money for food grown in the San Joaquin Valley, and water from Mono lake and hetch hetchy reservoir.

Silicon area isn’t know for vast stands of timber to build houses. So they should plan on paying a lot of money for resources that used to be free.

I wonder if this will ever happen though? Possibly because it’s a state and not trying to secede to become its own nation, or territory independent of the fed…

Years ago I lived in Cascadia and was aware of their independence movement…in fact if you look at the map and see the extended boundaries with the green line I was somewhat active in getting that north west portion that included part of Alaska more mainstream. It was originally just Washington, Oregon and BC at first then was extended to include a part of Cali, and Idaho…

In reality I highly doubt it would ever come to fruition because even the original 3 states involved the new country seceding from 2 separate nations…

Made me think of my own NY where every couple of years they talk of seceding upstate NY from downstate. I hadn’t heard anything about CA.