I might be going homeless soon

my mom recently got married and she moved close to Rockford (a city somewhat near me) so I hade to move in with my grandma so I’m waiting for my public housing application I got an interview now they denied me because I sotle some stuff and got a felony when I was going thro psycosis and my x girlfriend said I broke into her apartment also mine at the time my name was on the lease and I just used a key to get in force entry my butt but anyways now I sent an appeal letter to talk to them and help my case otherwise my mom says I have to go to the homeless shelter in Rockford witch I refuse to cause id rather be in the town I live in so ill just stay at the homeless shelter there or I might be able to stay with my uncle carry who I barly know but everytime he comes down here he says I can stay with him but other then that I don’t know what to do I only get 310 dollars for my disability and if public housing wont exept me idt section 8 will accept me what should I do??

The Salvation Army has excellent social workers and you don’t need to be religious to get helped by them, just down on your luck. Definitely get in touch with them and let them know your situation - they seem to be in every major city. They helped me get my first apartment back when I wound up homeless. It was shared with a couple of other guys in rough shape, but it was the hand-up I needed.

When you deal with them, make sure you are VERY polite. No cussing, no profanity. All SA volunteers are hyper religious and can’t stand it. Being polite and respectful helps them go the extra mile for you.

Good luck!