I met new people today

I went to a local pizzeria and ate a pizza. The pizza was so big that I only ate one half of it. Then I asked if people who run this pizzeria were from Turkey and they told they were Kurds from Syria. They were very polite and when I left the pizzeria one of them run after me and asked if I like to take the leftover with me. This was the first time I met Kurds in my life.


I live in Eastern Europe…
So far, I met people from Jordan while working.
They were very kind and always come to my saloon.
The other man I met was from Palestina, and he was ok, owner of pharmacy…

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Well, you’re two Kurds ahead of me, I’ve never met one in my life.

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You must have some intuitive intelligence :smile: I never said there were two Kurds :smile: , my little town here near Russia has become quite international. We have Chinese restaurants, one Vietnamese restaurant, Turkish restaurants, Indian restaurant, this Kurdish pizzeria, do not need to go traveling to enjoy different food. In the 1970s I was interviewed by the local newspaper and they asked what I thought about internationalism and I told it is good. So we have become quite international.

For some reason around 75% of the pizzarias around me are Lebanese owned. Even my own Account Executive at work is Lebanese and he own’s half of a pizza joint. LOL.

Good on you for getting out and meeting people.


great job getting out and enjoying yourself

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I know Kurds from Kebab shops mostly. I’ve been asked a few times if I’m Kurdish as well lol

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