I met a guy at Gathering Hope House

HI, this is Jess again.
I’ve been going to Gathering Hope House (a place for people with mental illness to meet, go bowling, do art, have lunch, go to group meetings, watch movies, play bingo, play board games and go on trips(Cedar Point, Amish Country, the Zoo, and the West Side Market etc). They have parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They have a gym. I’ve been going since last week, so I"m still kind of new. I met this cute guy named Josh at Gathering Hope House and he asked if i would like to go out with him. I said yes. He’s 28 and I’m 28. Our birthdays are close ( he was born on January 17,1989 and I was born on February 1,1989). He has depression. I really like him.


Good going Jess ! I hope you two will be happy ! :sunny:

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Sounds promising. Above all enjoy and do it at your pace!

Schizophrenia often comes with depression so you’ll have some common points…all those other things you’ll learn!

Hope it goes well!


Very nice
You might be able to support each other and have companionship

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These helping houses I think are so thoughtful and lovely.

I get do not seem to have them in all countries and states or places but I think they are lovely.

I think it may do you a lot of good going there and hopefully also with this guy you met.

At house I used to go to they had woodwork,sewing,exercise,jewelry making,pottery, cooking etc

The disabled people would cook dinner and sell to the attendants for a really cheap price so pensioners could afford it.

After a while they started work groups outside of the house.

One was gardening another was receptionist for the house another was cafe or and kiosk aged care home .

I worked at the kiosk and ithe work groups made a symbolic sum .
Not much but simething .

One of the women I worked with the best as she talked so much n was bubbly and we got along well and she even said I was her best friend which suprised me cause we never hung out outside of the kiosk.
She baked for me which was sweet.

We seemed to compliment each other as she spoke with customers and we got a groovy flow happening when we prepared a order together.

Like making a sandwich we would make it together somehow and pass each other things etc

After that I worked at a real cafe for a while but the government paid the cafe to let me work there so I was not properly employed.

I made head covers and candle holders for cafe and handed out menu add in letter boxes on my spare time.

The house had showers too.

After awhile I could not go there anymore maybe paranoia so I went to a yarn shop instead and woman showed me how to knit and helped me make a jumper for Anders .

When I moved to Australia I crewchetted a sun to put on his jumper and sent him.

I also knitted a baby jumper and sewed a smiling crewchetted sun on it.

In case he wanted children…

Unfortunately I forgot how to knit and all I know now is basic stitch.

But it was difficult for me to learn how to knit that one stitch…

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Once a year they sold items things made in house.

Someone bought a pillowcase I made.:tada::blush:

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Where is this club located? I think I am getting it confused with mine called the Gathering Place Clubhouse.

Good for you @Jess!
I’m really happy for you!

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Hi Miss,
It’s located in Ohio.

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Wonderful news Jess. I have my fingers crossed for your happiness. :sunny: