I messed up so bad!

so I do not think I have a drs diagnosis of schiziphrenia, but I have a feeling i do have it. There were little hints along the way in life, but i still never saw it coming. I did not “get it” the sound effects music and voices soon after. It was in full swing fron 2009 to 2013. I lived in a place there no treatment services till about 2 months ago when I moved.( no insurance either). I started treatment for yhe first time ever. I did counseling but only 3 sessions. i missed 1 session by mistake. the last one: the receptionist told me he was out of town so i left. it was the fault of the front desk. He was not out of town at all and called me to return. i said i couldnt and would ask for my next appointment. He said he would have to call me back. He didn’t and has not returned the two phones calls i made to the clinic. Am I dropped as a patient??? I also seem to really stink at the therapy thing too: i was trying to find out what i did wrong by typing in stuff to the search engine. i got back a utube vid titled “10 ways to p—s- off your therapist.” I watched it. I am guilty of at least 7 of those. I didnt realize how badly I was doing till I saw it. I guess i am a jerk??? Since he is not returning my calls, is there any way to fix this? i have no other place for treatment. suggestions please?

Why do you think you have sz? What are your symptoms? Just to warn you, new users to this site are often suspected of being trolls until they “prove” themselves. Most of us are paranoid by the nature of our illnesses. Lol.

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Also, most clinics will notify you if they are permanently dropping you for some infraction (like too many no-shows) so the therapist is probably just waiting for you to reschedule.

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I think I have be cause there voices, sound effects and music. i can not say that i have totly lost touch with reality. closer to the truth o say i could not figure out i was hallucinating. then i started to think i was being watched, recorded. being monitored was the only way i could explain it to myself with out realizing i was hallucinating. I did tell the psychiatrist heard sound effects and music, but not voices( i was afraid to). i did say it to the counselor though. the voices were negative also. sorry it takes so long to type. i only have a phone.

white raven
i am hoping you are right. he called me right after i pulled back in the car. that was Teusday before last. i was waiting a week for him to call a schedule, but he did not call. so i called the clinic, and they told me they would leave him an email. that was this morning. he was always quick to respond before. this is a tax subsidized place. i think they can pretty much cut someone of like that, but i just dont know what to think now?? i realize i messed up the sessions, but i guess he might be using that as an excuse to drop me to because i was not doing well? i am up set this happened.

Ok, ok breathe. I feel as if you are going a mile a minute. First off, do not self-diagnosis. If you feel something is “not quite right” then seek help (as you did) and let the therapist help you find a solution and then develop a treatment plan. What you do not need to worry about is p-s-ing off your therapist! They (we, us) are here for you. Terminate your relationship with this therapist, he is not helping and find another. You mentioned no insurance from 2009-2013. Has that changed? but even if it hasn’t if you have Medicaid/Medicare mental health is fully covered. If you are uninsured, look towards community counseling centers, or Meetups in your area. Be sure to get a diagnosis for whatever it is your are experiencing , and then go from there. But the least of of your worries is p/o-ing your therapist- that’s inherent of doing what we do let us worry about that. Also, another solution is online therapy (they are licensed therapists) and they may be able to assist you. Online therapy is very affordable. Oh I forgot - if you are in school check out your college counseling center, or a neighboring schools counseling center. Again, affordable and confidential.

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It’s very rare to self diagnose.

Not a fan of therapy. I’m mentally ill. No amount of talking is going to fix my problems. They are genetic triggers I can’t help.

It’s the modern way. It’s so easy to get information and it’s totally plausible to feed the proper line…but a good shrink or psych nurse will pick you a mile away…

As said. Do your treatment. Get some help. I’d be suprised if your schizophrenic…that is just the law of averages.


Law of averages - 1% of population worldwide is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Only an MD can make a diagnosis.


sorry, mile-a-minute is my pace when I am not having things work out the way i would like. dont get me wrong i am not spoiled. I just dont think I am being treated fairly. I missed the appointment because i was told to leave. i did not even make that mistake, the front desk did. when i called back i was told that 3 missed appointment they cut off services. I just started medicine a couple of weeks ago also. so, i dont know if that will be cut off too? I just didnt want this to go bad, never meant for this to happen.
The problem with therapy was he wanted to place me in a group. i have sturge-weber which includes a facial deformity( a huge red birthmark over half my face and so many glaucoma surgeries the eye is disfigured.) as one can imagine, groups are not my thing. i did not realize i was being given an ulitmatum: group or leave. i wonder if the “cofusion” wa just a polite excuse.


I really dont know what they would say i have. the dianosis at in take was Major depressive disorder. However, i did lie about hearing voices, ever. i did several years back though. now, sometimes, i will still hear music at night and i know it is me and not an outside source. i just did not want to tell the psychiatrist that because i was uncertain what happens to people when we do. if its any comfort, your not the only one who does not understand therapy. it seems i dont either. maybe i am too strongheaded? maybe i disagreed with what he was saying too often? maybe he is told put everyone in group even though patiemts might not feel comfortable there? i dont know.

abt the financial end of it- i live in a state where only 7 of the 250+ counties have truely public mental healthcare. the county i just moved from refused me free or reduced cost treatment because i was not court ordered to go. i was not a “population priority” because there was no legal involvement. this was my one chance? and i blew it? because i did not understand the therapy? (i thought i explaining why i did not want group. they say they offer individual counseling )and the front desk made a mistake? i did not want for this to happen. if they are cutting me off i think that will include the medicine too though.

Actually all therapists can make a diagnosis of schizophrenia. However, only a psychiatrist not a psychologist can prescribe medication. We are trained and have access to the assessment tools that can accurately diagnosis schizophrenia. In a lot of cases a MD and psychologists/therapist work together. Which I feel with the more complex mental illness are the best treatments. I am a therapist, I do not prescribe medicine. However, if I feel medication will help I reference a psychiatrist or MD. I also look at brain imaging/scanning which really gives us insights into the organic nature of complex mental illnesses.

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Different countries - different scopes of practise. I have no further comment on the issue. Enjoy your career.


thankyou .you cleared up a couple of questions i had. i did not know people beside a psychiatrist could diagnose. maybe since i did not manage to keep it to myself that i heard voices before he now has to talk to the psychiatrist first? i have a sheduled apointment with the psychiatrist on monday that was made before all this happened. yet, i dont see why he would refuse to call me with an appointment for himself just because i opened my big mouth and that slide out. most of the hallucinations stopped over3 years ago. would it still matter? it just makes no sense to me why he would hold me responsible for soneone else s mistake. he did call that day and ask me to return that day, but i could not. maybe that is why i am being cut off? i could not help it: i have dry eyes and my vision gets worse and worse the longer i am out side. it would not be safe for me to drive. i told him about that before. maybe he forgot? maybe it was just a polite and usable excuse to cut off services since i did not do well in therapy? either way…i guess i will be stuck wondering till monday.