I mean how much can you really tell about someone through a wall?

IDK. Sometimes it seems like a lot.


We can tell that our neighbours’ dog barks a lot. And that their adult daughter has a potty mouth and swears at her parents a lot.

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Well @ozymandias, if I was you, I would only begin to worry if the dog had a potty mouth and the girl started barking a lot.


i hear my neighbors sometimes swearing at me like they know everything about me.

This post is offensive to blind people lol …


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I was born blind but it didn’t offend me in the least.

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My old neighbor would scream at her kids for hours and even at 6 in the morning. She told me she had a rough life and stuff and she never name called or hit the kids but jeez.

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Google ‘injustice collecting’, it’s a symptom.

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