I may appear cold but I am a friendly person

If you all actually ever seen me or passby me on the street to have a bit of contact with me I wouldn’t make a good first impression.I don’t make good eye contact and I can appear cold or coldly polite.

If you get to know me more and I feel comfortable with you,I believe I can be a good friend.When your my friend I would talk to you and try to understand and know you more and deeper.Its very unfortunate to get mental illness,depression,anxiety or schizophrenia,it’s not the end to get diagnosed,there is hope.


good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

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I’m sure you’re a wonderful person and would be a great friend! A lot of people don’t take the time to take a step back and say “hey this person might be a good friend, maybe I should just get to know them.” I know it can to make friends and in this day and time with the internet and all it can be very hard to make friends in real life but keep trying I’m sure some people will take a step back and try and get to know you!

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I’m like you, in that I tend to have fewer friends, but the friends I have are better friends than most people have.


You seem very friendly @Gtx1990

We share the same birth year

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No man , I don’t get the ‘cold’ part , you always seem ‘bright’ to me.

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@Twialine I agree with what you have said

@crimby :clap:

@turningthepage (high Five)

@Meteor Thank you very much,Hope I can be brighter and less cold more often :stuck_out_tongue: