I make soup

I have ordered a soup maker
Anyone else got one? Any good?

I do not know what a soup maker is??? I like soups, green pea soup, meat soup and so on. I also make my soups.

I have a slow cooker… it works great.

A lot of the light soups I like are pretty easy to make in a pot.


That’s what I do, cook my soups in one pot. Ready made soups are quite expensive and self-made are quite inexpensive.


I’m making soup right now on a pot. Don’t know what a soup maker is. Will google it

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I know how to make pasta and lentil soup. Never tried vegetables, i always try soup of the day when I go. :stew:

It’s so eaaasy! You should try it, little trick: let the vegetables stew a little bit first with olive oil, like for 15 min, then add the hot water. It’s delicious :smile:

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Are you making kale soup…I hear Portugal is known for it

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So is a soup maker like a blender/crock pot hybrid? Never heard of it before.

I like making lentil soup. I just got ingredients to make a butternut squash and pumpkin soup later this week. I’m pretty excited about it.

Really? Didn’t know, there’s some people who make kale soup, I usually don’t, not really a fan. I’m making carrots and sweet potatoe


That’s what the guy at work said that day i told him I talked to someone from Portugal (you) online…he’s Ecuadorian. Maybe he just likes it…he likes soup a lot

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Yeah, my mom says is a country side thing, there’s a lot of immigrants from the country side so it’s possible thats where your friend got it from. We use kale in a typical portuguese dish called cozido à portuguesa (boiled portuguese style) where basically you boil all types of meat with kale and beans and rice…


Wow yum…the wine makes it look even better…so well put together that pic lol. I’m hungry now.

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Looks really delicious!

my mum has a soup maker and really likes it… at first she thought it was too small but now she really enjoys it. She makes soup and freezes the soups so we have soup every day…