I make people nervous

according to my mother in law I make her nervous. she just watched an episode of criminal minds and it featured a heavy set woman with psychotic features and depression. I made her nervous today some reason just me talking in circles caused

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Just shows her own insecurities and anxiety along with misinformation from society. Don’t know why she would tell you that. How is that going to help anyone? Reminds me of my step mom.

We’re telling my mother in law soon that I’m sz. We will see if it makes her nervous too.

This is why I’m afraid to talk to people about my illness, even family members. Unless they already have a grasp on the idea that I have schizophrenia I don’t speak to it about anyone. I may keep my blog, and talk about it on-line but it’s not the same because you don’t get the people looking at you funny or watching to see what “crazy” thing you’re going to do next is.

Schizophrenia has such a bad reputation from mis-information in the media. I think people think it’s a “get me out of prison because I did something horrible card”. Or something to be made fun of…like the time this lady on the bus was talking to herself and people were just laughing it off.

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I totally agree with everything you said. It can be vey awkward to talk about in-person, and most of my family knows nothing of my illness. As far as I know, now that both of my parents are deceased, the only family members who know I’m sza are my sister, brother-in-law and one of my cousins.


whenever do something strange, my mom gets nervous / worried. like when I tie a shirt around my head and ears, after I hear a fly; my mom starts asking me if I’m feeling okay or if I need to go to the hospital…

My mother in law said I say sorry too much. How that makes her nervous I’m not sure

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