I make people celebrate my birthdays...haha

I always get my family to throw me a birthday party every year and this year that I’m turning 60 it’s going to be the biggest yet…I just watched the Lord of the Rings, and my night of my birthday will be “Gandalf, this is going to be night to remember”…rings loud in my excitement and feelings about this party…my mom is going to come and that is the diadem on the crown of the evening…she has never stepped foot into my house usually because of unclean house (my wife is picky, haha), anyways…my brother barry and his wife, my cousin and her husband, my aunt Jonell, my friends Matt and Paul from college, and my friend brian next door and my guitar picker Brian also, and my friend Heather…it’s going to be a blast ! ok I won’t post about it again…I am just so thrilled…


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