I made this when thinking of yall


Your last post was over 4 years how you doing ? What’s the story like ?

Thank you for asking! I am doing pretty well.

I am on a anti-psychotic medication (latuda) that has minimal side effects, and an anti-depressant (venlafaxine) to go with it.

I do have bad days, but i do feel i am in a much better spot than i was years ago.

I am back in the gym, and i am working with my doctor to lose weight. Currently, 211lbs, but my lab work showed me pre-diabetic, so hopefully that has changed.

I go through phases of mental anguish, followed by stability. Currently, i am stable.

I was recently approved for SSDI, so that was a major success in my life. It is very nice not having to worry about money too much. I have been homeless previously.