I made plenty of mistakes here and in life

Like I don’t know why I thought I was different people but common sense or reality says I’m not. I even thought I was a fictional tv show character. How stupid is that? I mean I get thoughts or pictures in my head and think stupid things and then share them here online. I probably come off as disturbed, cringey, and insecure, or even crazy. I’m not really insane, but it’s a self-defense mechanism similar to how someone laughs at you when you insult them or critize them.

I’m deeply affected by YouTube’s algorithms and feel like they’re sending me messages lol…I mean I watch(ed) a lot of tv show and movie trailers. I even thought I met Philip K Dick in a parallel universe and wrote one of his books and disclosed the matrix to everybody. How worse can this be or get?

Hmm?. . .

Which One Of His Heart Perplexing, Propaganda Pond Of Thrillers Did You Write?.

The Inquisition Bank Must Know!.

Does it matter? I think it was “Variable Man” the novella, but my obsession with him has waned. I still remember being the first one in the universe to seriously believe in sim or matrix theory but Nick Bostrom wrote the paper and beat me to it. He’s definitely a nobel prize contender perhaps and a visionary genius. PKD too.

I also think I’m the one who changed that variable and split off the universe among other things which he mentioned in Metz, France back in the 1970s. I also thought I was a computer simulator (alien) and sent that pink light at him and gave him those downloads as an Anunnaki alien eons ago.

The Anunnaki (or Draco) Reptilians got mad at me.

I tried exposing the matrix and got schizophrenia I want(ed) to believe. I know more about simulation theory than most people on this planet.

I feel like Elon Musk and all these people are just derivatives of me trying to convince people or expose the matrix and talk about it freely for aeons/centuries. I was the first one.

I also have other strange thoughts and beliefs too. maybe I’m just weird…

Hmm?. . .

The Inquisition Bank Has Sent Turned Leaves Inside You?.

One Must Ask, What Is All Thus That You Aspire With, In All I Have Quoted?.

Does Thus Have Anything To Do With 2001 Space Odyssey Robotics?.

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One Must Wonder, If The Inquisition Discovers Robotic Programming Upon Simulated Aliens Would They Destroy The Moral Authority Of The Living Beings Unknown In Charge?. Like Horses In The Living Night Of Threats?. Aiming For What Among Propaganda Theology?. Where Does It Leave Time Fruit?.

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Sometimes I even felt I was “horselover fat” PKD’s alter ego lol…

Hmm?. . .

That Is Interesting To Say The Least.

I Was Slightly Engaging Upon The Fruit Of Time’s Fruit. The Pale Horse Of Death.

Metaphorically Of Course.

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I have 2-3 of his books and read like 1 of his short stories, but basically according to wiki and google “Horselover Fat” is PKD’s alter ego or something. I even felt like I was part of PKD some how, but I’m not.

I have a hard time grasping and getting into fiction, but I like him as a writer and person I think…

Hmm. . .

All Of Thus Makes Me Wonder.

Is There A Connection With The Inquisition Bank & Dante’s Inferno?.

Somehow Leading Towards Thus Pale Horse Of Death?.

And Time’s Apples?.

Sorry, I don’t know or understand those things.

Hmm. . .

I Don’t Either.


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