I made people laugh at the grocery store

We go to buy fried chicken and the guys says “what’s your name”. My mom asks why? He says because the 2 buckets are being reserved and they’re not getting more til tomorrow . So I say “can I guess the name?” He says “you can try, but they’re tough names to guess.” So I shrug it off and laugh.

Then a woman comes up and says “I reserved fried chicken, the names o’Connell” as were walking away. I turn around and chant out to the guy “O’Connell!!”

Everybody laughed.

We settled for ribs.


I wish I had a sense of humour like that. I think I’m a bit too serious at times.

I’m usually not great at making strangers laugh, but maybe now that I’m getting soberer and my minds clearer I can do it!


I make everybody laugh. I am the worlds clown sometimes, but I keep just enough of my dignity to please myself. It feels good to laugh and smile after years of worrying and stressing.

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