I made one right decision today

I called up my friend and asked him to lunch. He agreed and off we went. We had chicken tarna, and it was scrumptious. I use to smoke weed with him and we were near a local joint i use to frequent. He agreed and we went. we parked about a block away and we started walking towards the building talking about how we were going to play basketball more often. When we got close to the shop, I turned to him and asked, “as a friend, should we go in?” He looked at me and shook his head no. Thanks buddy. I made one right decision today and that was it.


I don’t get it. Did the shop sell weed?

Sounds like your growing! That is a good thing!

I’m glad you thought it better to move on! That is a really good thing! Well done you!

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yes, the shop was a dispensary.

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Thanks @rogueone! If you were here I’d give you a high :raised_back_of_hand:!


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