I made my mark in this world...grateful

I put about four hundred designed homes on the ground and all those plans are still being built today…that’s enough of a mark on this world…I also wrote a book…so there’s that to make me feel confident too…I feel grateful that I had late onset schizophrenia so this was possible.


I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade…this recent designing of my brother’s house has me reminsicing about when I used to design homes…not being boastful…I feel sorry for those who were never able to attend college because of their sz.


I had to drop out of the university music college department. I don’t know if I was just stupid or a combination of crazy and dumb. I could put up a front but I couldn’t understand much in sight singing and ear training class. Jukebox have you written an immortal song? I know, it’s a pleasure to be able to express yourself with music and have that added dimension to your being, but I want to write a song that never gets old before I die.


I made many marks on this world by pissing outside.



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