I made fried omelette 🍳

My whole house smells like eggs though :unamused:

I combined 8 eggs with a bunch of chopped spinach and half a chopped onion and half a can yellow corn and just fried several different ones with a tablespoon :d

Now I also chopped french fries and then gonna fry that at 6.

Yesterday I went for a walk and limiting my calorie intake to 1200-1400 for now. but need exercise to lose this stubborn fat. I hope the sun comes up in 2 hours so I go for a very very long walk.


Sounds delicious!

I made a breakfast burrito for my husband this morning, also making the whole house smell like eggs!

But, I couldn’t have one, I had to eat freaking yogurt because I too am trying to lose weight.

We can do it!

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That’s the dream :smiley: Yeah I am not eating much at all during the day. Some fruits and tiny snacks.
I feel like I am smelling like eggs right now


I’ve just cut back on calories and started walking again.

I get in this cycle of losing weight, thinking I look great and can eat whatever I want, getting a little fatter, then having to lose weight, losing it, thinking I look great…

You get it.

We just have to remind ourselves that we are super hot and that a few pounds really only matter to us.

Keep confident,

We’re foxes!

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