I made another piano composition. It's late, this is my only outlet


hope your night is going well

tell me your thoughts or if you can take something from this composition


I like it, it sounds to me like the music from a film, where there is sadness and tension and it’s building up to something dramatic.


Bravo it sounds great. You can polish it even further and maybe share the musical sheets with us! Or do you play strictly by ear?

Does this song have a name? If you allow, I would suggest “Last thoughts of a death row prisoner”.


I like it. You’re a little heavy on the pedal though and the accidentals don’t sound good in that type of piece when the pedal is heavy. But I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


we should collab yo. im working on a track right now:

maybe you could send me a nice piano riff that would work with it or another