I made a terrible decision

I drank coffee not long ago…

It is 7:33pm. Baby human is asleep and I should be asleep too but I am WIDE AWAKE.

Gonna make French fries for dinner… that’s healthy.

What are you fine people up to?


Just got back from walking my dog. Gonna start back reading the book I got from the library today. :slight_smile:


Ooo, which book?

I’m about to watch love after lockup episode two.

Soon I plan on having my last coffee for the day.

Then dinner.
Vegan schnitzel and potato and gravy.

Hope you will sleep well :sleeping:.


I might read too.

Jackie collins goddess of vengeance.
Almost finished the book.
Romance novels are usually so easy to read.


Eating dinner. Going to take my meds after.

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Practicing frets on guitar. Its hard to get down. My fingers also get a bit shaky after extended use.


You play from the heard dawg. You can’t go wrong

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Your fingers will get calloused in time.


What kind of gravy? I never ate gravy when I was vegan so I’m curious if there is a vegan gravy out there and if there is, what it’s made from

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Greens gravy is vegan.

There are several vegan gravy’s but this one is my favourite.

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Cool! Do you know what’s in it?

I have looked at the ingredients and a vegan group I’m in confirmed it’s vegan.

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Cool. I wasn’t asking for proof, I’m just wondering how it’s made. I’ll Google it @SacredNeigh7

Welcome to the club.

Fell asleep after work last night at 6 pm. Woke up at 9 pm. Realized I wasn’t getting any sleep for the rest of the night so I dropped two double-espressos. I bet my pacemaker recorded some interesting telemetry from that and I’ll catch hell for it later when I do the upload.

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At the hotel I work at, I’ve been surprised by the number of guests using our lobby coffee machine (not decaffeinated) from late afternoon to midnight.

When a young man comes to the front desk with a very good looking young woman and buys a red bull from me, and they both have certain looks on their faces or body language, I can make a guess why.

But, the level of late-in-the-day caffeine consumption has surprised me, in the past.

Reading a book on global warming in my warm bed and just finished a cup of coffee :blush::coffee:


and then your callouses will get callouses. What style are going to be going for eventually?
bluegrass, blues, jazz?

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No idea. Just trying to work on finger exercises atm. I’m having some difficulty with finger dexterity when trying to press next to multiple frets.


Hi Human, I haven’t been on here for a while. When I was last on it you were having a baby. How’s that going? Are you both keeping healthy?