I Made a Meme & Advocacy facebook page for skitzes

Just right now. Memes, resources, and news stories about schizophrenics/schizophrenia.

Posted article about sarcosine and then posted about 3 memes i made today. Here’s one. Ideas welcome on how I should direct the page!

Meme is based on true story from when i was at community college in my 20’s.



more memes! also put up link to sarcosine and covid guide for schizophrenics on the new page too! I inamed it Schizophrenic Magnetic Signal Transmission #1




Cool @HQuinn !

I’m currently working on a Facebook profile which has funny memes that deal with dark(ish) humour.

Lemme know if you wanna swap profiles :wink:

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Be the change you wish to observe…
one step at a time!

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By Swapping Profiles Secretly?.

In Order to Take Over The Government?.

In Order to Take Over The Medication Factories?.

In Order to Change Our Current Drugs into Something More Sneaky?.

In Order to Turn Us All Into Zombies?.

FOREVER (!?!)… . … :frog:

Def down to take over the medication factories so we can have free meds!

Wouldn’t You Rather Hear The Lushtaflurriah’s Without The Hindrance of Synthetics (???)… . … :100:

Im taking this as a rhetorical question since i never understand your cryptic poetry lol :slight_smile:

i remember you from years ago before i left forum for a while!

Glad you’re still posting

That’s Cool I Hope.

Hopefully I Didn’t Insult You Too Seriously.

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No of course not, i just read your sentences and ponder lol
kinda enjoy the mystery :slight_smile:

I Shall Take That a Great Compliment.


Sorry For Derailing The Thread…,

Not About Me (Gotta Remind Myself That Sometimes).

Have Fun Kid’s (!!!)… . … :100:

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That’s cool !

PM me if you want the name to my profile. I try to keep consistent with the posts.

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