I made a lot of money in my delusion over the years

I was delusional. I lived at home. I was psychotic a lot. I was isolated extremely religious. I had no friends. But I collected comics. I spent all my government money on my comic collection. Now I’m out of my delusion an psychosis and I’m 50000$ richer and a pretty good rdsp. And I still have more comics to sell. It was another life and it feels like I’m just reaping the benefits of delusional money



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Can you elaborate more on this? What is rdsp?

RDSP? Sounds like a US savings account…

I live in Canada It’s a retirement disability savings plan. The government matches the money yo put into it every month. You get it when you’re sixty. Hope fully I live that long

$50,000 can get you a decent vehicle. $750,000 can get you an apartment. $1.5 million can get you a house.

I live in a nice apartment. I still get money from the government. My apartment is subsidized so it’s cheap. But. I love it’s really nice no joke I took a nicer one with a balcony. It used to be a hotel I have a nice Dodge Avenger. That not in bad shape. I would say I’m doing pretty good. I guess it’s okay to talk about money here. None of you know me

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Sorry if that sounded rude

I’m livin the future

Your estimates are a bit off. Decent new car is 12-20k here unless you get a luxury vehicle. 100-300k for a good size house.


$500,000 buys a decent new home where I live. $1.5M buys a hoity-toity home on the edge of town. I don’t feel a need to waste $$$ by displaying it to others.



I wish.


For a guy that believed he was the Islamic messiah. Lol. And that marlyn Manson was the antichrist.and wasn’t taking his clozapine. I’m doing pretty good. I guess

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That’s USD. We pay CDN and the difference in value is substantial. I believe Garbled lives in AB, Canada as I do. I’m about 40 minutes to the east of him (if I remember his city correctly), so housing prices in my smaller town are about 70% of what he’s used to.

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i think that’s not bad for the messiah either

I mean, unless you live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Then the 1.75 million one is right.


Anyway, I think Yinyang’s point was that $50,000 isn’t a lot of money. I made less than that in profit in the stock market last year, and I agree it isn’t a lot of money.

I’m still a member of the masses who are being squeezed by inflation.


Well all I need is a really simple job. Like office cleaning twice a week for a while. if I can function that would be good. I still don’t know It was weird comic collecting. I started out really serious buying nice key comics. I had wolverine first appearance host rider first appearance. Iron man number one. I had a John Byrne original art piece that I got ripped off on when I sold it because I was In such bad shape after my relapse. But I started out thallus good. Eventually as the disease progressed and I was going deeper and deeper into psychosis over the years I got thought I would buy some antiques. I started to get foolish. I still have those antiques with me now. Eventually I have some homeless woman 5000$. By meeting her and giving her money. I never even said hardly anything to her I just called her up and gave her money. Then I started wiring her money because I thought she moved to Toronto. I don’t even know if somebody got the money actually. But I think was thinking thinking that one day I would be in the future and thinking clearly so I was trying to invest in comics

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maybe that didn’t make sense. Sorry

That’s just one explanation. Psychosis is stupidly awful