I’m worried of my physical health

My chest hurts and I almost fainted this morning :frowning:

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Sounds bad maybe think about calling your local health clinic and see if they think you need to come in.

I’m at a psych ward so doubt theyll take me seriously

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It could also be the clozapine’s fault, idk

I also had dizziness on higher doses of clozapine. It only went away when I lowered it.

If you’re in the psych ward tell them, you almost fainting is a bad side effect of medication not good.


My dose is only 100mg :confused:

Did you have an ECG? As long as your heart is okay, I wouldn’t worry too much.

I did have that few days ago but I feel anxious over this

Almost fainting can be scary. Just try to relax and discuss it with the staff.

I was fainting on one medication I took, and on another I had w/e the fighter pilots get where their vision narrows, and I was blind for a little while during exercise. I had to stop that medication, in hindsight I should’ve never gone to work so early back from the diagnosis but I didn’t know that the medications could be so severe at the time.

is it possible that its caused by clozapine?

Its possible. If this is a new medication it could be the cause.

Yes, it is. I was on 200 mg clozapine and all the time dizzy. I discussed it with my pdoc but he didn’t do anything. Then I went to a cardiologist and he said that it’s because of the clozapine and that I had to Lower it. Only then did my pdoc listen:

I started on a lower dose 2 months ago but theyre increasing the dose now

Orchostatic hypotension happens sometimes with meds…I’m on a parkinson’s med and I have to stand up slowly or I get really dizzy. When you stand up, try to stand up very slowly- sometimes that helps when you feel like fainting.

With chest pain…that could be a lot of things. I am not a doctor, and I can’t say for sure why you are experiencing it. It might be best to ask for a GP.


Here’s only psychiatrist and even they arent working this week

You need to report those symptoms to a nurse or doctor

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Second this. You need to see a nurse; simply report it to the nurse’s desk.


I’m scared they wont take it seriously