I’m tired of being ill

This seems never ending. First PTSD, then schizoaffective disorder and now POTS. Will it ever get easier? I’ve only had the symptoms of POTS for four months now and I can already tell you it’s super hard to deal with my physical health and mental health at the same time. Going through a paranoia spell right now that’s not getting any better. Passing out 3 times a week or so because my blood doesn’t circulate to my brain well when I’m standing. Tachycardia anytime I’m upright. Horrible swelling in my legs when I’m not wearing compression gear. Sorry to complain, I’m just exhausted.

On a happier note my training with my service dog has been going extremely well. She’s about the only thing in my life keeping me going right now.


Gosh your leg is swollen! Hope things start getting better for ya!

I know just how you feel - getting hit by both physical and mental illness. It sucks.

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Wow. That’s very swollen. My husbands legs and feet swell really bad too. I’m glad your service dog is helping you

sorry x
i had gallbladder symptoms
before i knew that i had to have an emergency operation to have it removed which is a relatively simple answer

Forced to take a medical leave of absence today for the next two weeks at work. I’m scared I’m going to be replaced at my job in the time I’m away.

What is POTS? 151515151515

POTS is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

What’s MMJ stand for?

Oh medical marijuana no I’m not I hear it makes POTS worse and I’m told it’ll be worse for my paranoia

My bad I think medical Marijuana. Will delete. Sorry your going through all this but hang in there.

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