I’m thinking about going goth

I saw a crow today and felt it


They say, “Once you go goth, you never go back.”


For years I had long, dark hair and listened to a lot of punk but I did really like a lot of goth music. Sisters of Mercy were a great band and had some good albums. I tried to get my little brother to go see them here all these years later but he let me down. Would have been a fun show…

So. More power too you. I’m sure Brisbane still has a goth community. It did when I was growing up lol.

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My absolute favourite style of clothing and home etc is gothic.

I love stunning gothic but it’s toohigh maintenance for me so I’m more comfortable in Harlem pants.

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I kissed a goth once - got mono

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I’m friends with a lot of goths. I’m like they token preppy one. I used to be hardcore punk rock, but these days I prefer a clean look.

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i used to dress and act goth.

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was guilty of hanging out in Las Vegas goth clubs circa 2004ish

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I used to be almost crust punk, lots of torn clothes and piercings, lots of brown clothing. I was really involved in the scene. Now I kinda dress like I’m from portland and have cleaned up quite a bit

I was more acid punk. Lots of neon and spray paint, metal spikes everywhere, leather.

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Now I dress like a middle aged businessman, and I pretty much am.

I kind of dress like a young college professor. Lots of earth tones. I feel like I may switch up soon. I miss being a dirty punk and doing drugs at warehouse parties but I can’t exactly live that lifestyle anymore. This illness makes you grow up fast, but in some ways stunts your growth

I sometimes miss the adventures I used to get up to, but I only took those risks because I was passively suicidal. I’m much happier wanting to live and being afraid of dying. It’s nice to have something to lose, even if there was mire freedom in not caring if I died.

I didn’t have anything clinical going on other than some early mania. I’m glad I got that all out of my system while I was young. I still go to punk shows pretty often to see my friends bands, but none of us do drugs anymore, and we don’t really drink. I’ve made some friends at the clubhouse that smoke weed though, but I can be honest with them when they offer it that it makes me super psychotic.

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I still go to a show about once a year, but nothing like I used to. Nowadays I’m usually ready for bed by 9.

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I normally go to bed at like 7 or 8. On nights I go out I have to bring an extra meal to get my calories in with the latuda lol. It sucks but you gotta be responsible lol

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