I’m still here! Just overwhelmed with life

Well here I am! The Foxx is back! Let’s give you guys a life update.

Went to the ER 4 weeks ago with tachycardia and chest pains. They couldn’t explain it and chalked it up to my anxiety I knew it wasn’t anxiety.

Finally had my appointment with the cardiologist two weeks ago and he ordered three tests. Did the first test last Thursday an echocardiogram and during the breath control to acquire the images I passed out.

My next test is a tilt table test (TTT). That’s this Thursday. I’m so nervous I’ve heard they’re awful.

My last test through cardiology is a 30 day heart monitor.

I also have a sleep deprived EEG and a VNG coming up this month as well.

I have so many medical tests I just am ready to be done with life. I’m ready for this illness to go away. I hate tachycardia and passing out. I hate being dizzy when I’m standing and the constant fatigue. And on top of all my physical symptoms, my psychosis started rearing it’s ugly head again last week.

I keep seeing terrifying demons in the corner of my room at night and if I look away from them they move closer to me so I just am stuck staring at them till I fall asleep from exhaustion. I wanted to go back to the hospital for a psych stay but I have all these medical tests I can’t miss and I can’t put my brand new job at risk plus a dog to take care of so I can’t go to the hospital.

I want to go back on Loxapine but it caused TD and leg tremors. But I know for a FACT it would help. :weary: I don’t know what to do.


Sorry to hear your going through a rough time. I hope you get some answers soon. Big hug


Hey…it’s tough sometimes but hang in there. It does get better and those times make it worth it. Hope you get your med issues sorted…and I too will send a decent hug your ways! Be strong.


Sorry you have so much to have to deal with @Hanna_Foxx. Hope your health issues work out and they find a way to help you.


I relate, I have long covid and I am still suffering right now.
I hope you get the answers that you need. Hang in there.


I hope they get to the bottom of it all with these tests.


I used to have tachycardia. It was because of clozapine.

I’ve also had my heart skipping beats and a bundle branch block flaring up. Both were due to stress.

I think a lot of heart conditions are caused by too much stress/strain so I hope you can avoid that.

It might take a while for things get better.

Buena Suerte!


Ayyyyy foxx in the house lol whats going on, glad to see you around again


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