I’m sorry if I offended you

My last post on Say Anything offered ppl so I apologize I was just being funny. It’s weird cause so many people on here offend me and say a lot of ■■■■ that is wrong in so many ways and I don’t say anything. It was just a joke and many ppl here talk about cannabis so I don’t understand what’s the big deal but okay I guess!

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Understand your position of anyone here and it’s one of those things that can be triggering to those here. Even being humorous others can take it the wrong way. It’s no biggie.

Yeah your probably right… just don’t understand how that comment can be triggering.

You’d be surprised. Cannabis is pretty well just about legal everywhere these days but it’s still triggering for the community. If it’s condoning or promoting it’s use even in a humorous context it’s still something that is against site policy.

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I personally didn’t have a problem with it. Generally if I don’t agree with what someone says I just ignore it and keep scrolling. But I understand site policy and how others may feel about cannabis use.

You’ll be okay. Many of us mess up here and there.



Yeah your right I didn’t know it was site policy. Next time I’ll rethink about what I post.

Thanks @ThePickinSkunk that does make me feel better!

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Will close this for now.