I’m so grateful!

I posted on Nextdoor that we were looking for teens to do our lawn. We offered to pay $20 to have it done once a week. When the kids found out we are both disabled they offered to do it free for community service so they can look good on college applications. Free!!! I’m so grateful!


wow, how awesome is that ??? good.

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I’m going to write them the best letter ever!!!


Cool, that worked out good for you. How does cleaning toilets and bathtubs look on college applications?

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I second writing them a letter, that’s awesome of them

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They are going to help us with odd physical jobs around the house too, but we said we’d pay for those jobs. For instance we’re going to have them power was the deck and go into our crawl space to turn the water back on for the outside.


That is so great that you got these kids doing that for you. I did a lot of yardwork and odd jobs during my youth.
It was a great way to earn beer money; er, Uh, I meant candy bar money.

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Congrats @ZmaGal!
I’m happy for you.

That is so good! My son does my lawn. I want to pay him but he refuses. I just kind of buy him a little extra stuff so he can’t refuse.

Lol! Didn’t we all!!! :wink:

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