I’m so embarrassed!

My Father was interrupting my Telemed session with my pdoc today.
He kept putting in his 2 cents about everything while I was trying to talk to my doctor.

Serves me right.

Next time I’ll conduct our session in a private room so he doesn’t have to interfere.

I hope that it didn’t upset my doctor too much.

I let it pass because he’s just old and concerned.

It was embarrassing though.


My mother used to come with me every pdr apt for 9 years. It was embarrassing, I felt like a baby. She insisted on coming. She tell him everything I do, fight with my brothers, wasting money, etc Last year she stopped because the Dr said to my mother that I am an adult and need to come by myself.


That’s what I hate about these Telemed appointments, it’s hard to find privacy.

I’m going to my room next time and lock the door.

My doctor knows how intrusive my father can be so I guess she understands.

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My ex-husband used to go to all my pdoc and therapy appointments with me. I couldn’t breathe.

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My Mom did this to me my last telemed appointment and then she makes me leave the room for her telemed appointment

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@Wave, I thought you lived alone. Where did I get that idea?

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No I live with my elderly dad @pretzel.

I once took my dad to my appointment and my pdoc asked me if he was my dr… aha but anyway I was also on video call with my psychologist in my room on my own when my mum and grandma started arguing loudly … I had to apologise and closed the door

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