I’m so effen’ screwed

I know what I ain’t supposed to be aware of.
I know how life works and I ain’t never gonna have it. I know a ton of s*it that I’ll never be able to use.

What do you mean @77nick77?
What’s going on?

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Disappointed in schoolwork?

Yeah, man. I don’t know.

Don’t give up because of your knowledge. If you know things you can’t express or talk about just keep that to yourself and concentrate on stuff that is universal that everyone understands.

They say people can always talk about the weather no matter what they believe :blush:

I think I know what you mean when you say you will never have life. You probably just need to meet somebody like me and things will get better. Don’t think you can’t meet somebody just because of the disease.

Some woman rang my door by mistake the other day and it was like my energy went up by 400% when I saw her. That reminded me how powerful it is to be with someone. It’s not impossible. Just got to stay positive.



I used to know a bunch of s*it that I’d never be able to use, but at my age I’ve forgotten most of that.

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I understand what you might be speaking about.

It makes sense to me, and I also think the same. Even if I’m really young, I am fully aware that psychotic illness has matured me both in knowledge and appreciation quite significantly!

You never know what tomorrow brings though. And that’s a fact.

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