I`m set on a pause

I now realize how damaging my writings have been for most of you. I`m guilty of that people now Call each other Zombie and I now ralize how damaging that it was that I watch antipsychiatry for 3 month. Show understanding for my situation I saw totally uncritically antipsychiatry without anybody to turn the subject with.
Personally I dislike the Term Zombie because that it reminds me of when people of color were called negros or Native americans were called red skins.

All the dangers that antipsychiatry adresses to meds only happens to 5% of people.
And also learned from another member that meds after 2000 allready has progressed so much that the illness is better adressen with new meds.
Most people would Think that 30 years treatment is equal to brain damage and Tardive dyskinesia. But Ive none of these so I dont believe in that antipsychotics is a cemical Lobotomy.
I believe that most Schizophrenics most recieve some kind of treatment.
And personally I think that if meds when used wisely Can better life for most Schizophrenic.
Those were the words and now I`m set to pause.


Given that previously you would have been locked up in a asylum with no hope, I pick meds over that any day

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They haven’t. The truth is I have ignored the majority of your posts.

The medication I’ve responded the best to was created in 1881, I’m not claiming that psych medications hasn’t improved over the centuries but it isn’t drastically different from the older medication.

I dont know about you but i am working in a corporate job with abilify rather than risperidone…

Risperdal sucks balls and my penis didn’t work on it.

Yea what i am trying to say is third gen antipsychotic works similarly with less side effects

Wait, there’s third generation antipsychotics?

Abilify and other partial agonist are considered third gen by some

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I never took abilify but I did take vraylar and that medication turned me into the floppy fish.

I am 100% sure partial agonist makes you more horny than normal, i was upping my dose of abilify recently and i felt hornier

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Maybe you switched from risperidone to it and the damaging side effects are residual from risperidone

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No I was on Olanzapine before I went on that one.

How long were you on olanzapine, olanzapine makes our sex drive a bit lower, not a lot though

Only for three months. For some reason I kept getting suicidal thoughts on it and then once removed they faded away.