I’m scared to ask if I could talk to the doc

:frowning: uck im screwed

Why are you afraid to talk to the doctor?

i don’t even know

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I think you might be afraid of the authority that the doctor has over you right now. Why don’t you try talking to one of the floor nurses about your concerns and see if they think that you really need to speak to the doctor before you put yourself into a situation that you don’t feel comfortable with right now?

What situation do ya mean

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Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you in the hospital right now?

Why do you wanna speak to the dr maybe tell the nurse why you want to see them

Yeah i told few seconds ago and ill get to meet the doc @DoubleNickel


good to hear you asked…
I hope you can talk to the doc soon.

yeah i hope that too

how are you doing?

I’m scared that my roommate will kill me

ah that sucks =/
did your roommate make threats to you?

No threats :frowning:

can you try to put your mind on other things? So that you don’t focus too much on the fears.

I’m trying but it doesn’t help

yea it’s hard… i know how those feelings are… it’s hard to push them away. I hope you feel better soon.

Someone tried to open the door but it was closed

When will the clozapine start working

could be like 4 or 6 weeks… dunno cause you upped it though so i dunno how long it takes then but normally it’s like 1 or 2 months