I’m ready to face the day

I had my coffee and now I’m ready to face the day. I’m going to go to the Wellness Center.

Are you doing anything today?


I’m in suspense. I requested to be allowed to study psychology to the advising doctor of social security. Here you need permission to study.

I hope you have a good day @Ferb !


Wow I hope you can do that and it goes well!


Just need to clean… :upside_down_face:


I’m here at work. I have my first client in a little over 20 minutes.


im relaxing

just came in from yard work

now its to hot to do anything else

meeting my sw in 2hours

going to talk with her about hospital

not till next week after i meet with pcp

so i have a week to figure out how to tell my mom

@Jonathan2 hope you get in good luck


I just got an email from my IPS coach who was in contact with an advising doctor of social security. She doesn’t want me to study psychology as she thinks ‘I’m too weak with people’. She said that I should do something with animals like a Vet’s assistant.

Now I have a lot of things to think about. On Tuesday we meet. So, by then I should decide if I want to go for it.

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i was a vet tech when i was young till i got sick and they had let me go

i miss it alot

i loved working with the animals

i was also the surgeries tech and loved working with the doctors learning a lot about surgery and anestisiologist and even the dentistry

i went to college for it but had to drop out my last year cause i was getting bad symptoms

im sorry they wont let you do psychology

i hope you find something that you will be very interested in


It’s getting close to bedtime.


@Jinx i got 3 hours
i put the dogs out at 11 then bed

We are in the same time zone. I got the idea people on this forum were mostly in Europe.

@Jinx ya im in maine usa

My bedtime is in a few hours

I’ve wanted to go to Maine for a long time. I think it would be great to live there

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@Ferb i love it here im in my forever home

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That’s great @yoda123. I’m in my forever home too

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@Ferb can i ask which state you are from

I live in Minnesota

right sorryi forgot
bad memory

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Tomorrow is a brand new day