I’m only taking the recommended daily amount of niacin /vitamin B3, and it’s helping

Certain people with schizophrenia have s as niacin/b3 deficiency.

I’m only taking 20mg and it’s helping my stomach. I’ve never been able to drink orange juice without it upsetting my stomach, but now after b3 I can.

I’m so happy that at least one of my problems have been sorted.

I can also drink tea now, which I couldn’t before vitamin b3.

All some people need is only 20 mg of this vitamin for it to work wonders.

I’m so glad I discovered niacin, finally something is helping.

I’ve also been taking reishi mushroom, so that could be helping. But I don’t think it’s the reishi mushroom because I tried that years ago and didn’t get this relief. So it must be the b3 niacin.

Ive always had stomach digestion issues!

Is niacin the help ive been needing for so long?

I will continue at low dose niacin, just the recommended daily allowance, and see how it goes.

Theres definitely something about these B vitamins.

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