I’m only eating 850 calories a day

When I was on olanzapine, 40mg, I was hungry all the time and ate like a pig. I weighed 240lbs. It wasn’t until I reduced my dosage and quit that I started to lose weight and my appetite returned to normal. You may be experiencing the ‘paradoxical effect’ because most people I’ve known on olanzapine develop a voracious appetite.

I’m not a doctor but if you are overweight and obese and the 850 calories provide enough protein, vitamin and minerals and a small amount of carbs it might be ok. The major problem of not eating enough is not getting enough protein to keep your heart muscle healthy.

I’m not getting enough protein, vitamins, minerals and carbs.

The main thing to eat is protein for your heart and you need some fats to stave off ‘rabbit starvation’.

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Yeah I think you’re right…. First time I was on it I had a big appetite and ate a lot.

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I need to eat less calories. I’m eating healthy but I’m not losing weight.

When you’re operating at that kind of calorie deficit your body slows your metabolism down in order to protect its best weight. It’s not a smart way to diet.

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time to stock up on frozen pizzas m8. i eat alot of frozen junk food but rather do that than not eat enough

Starving yourself is not the best way to lose weight. Its usually means you will gain the weight back-and more.

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