I’m offended

My employment coach who is specialized in helping mentally ill people back to work thought I had a split personality.

That’s what supposed experts think about schizophrenia.

Basically all she deals with are depressed people.

Informing the public is a hopeless cause.


I could excuse many people for their ignorance on the matter, but for a professional in the field there is no excuse!

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It’s a way old stereotype for sure. I thought that when I went into psychosis and that was back in the late 1990’s…some things are hard to change. I thought all my symptoms were related to a new personality…I soon learned otherwise by coming to the old website but that is seriously out of time!

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Definitely not qualified for the job by the sounds of it.

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this might sound weird but on meds its kind of true, i have a different mind set on meds as i do off so you could say we are like 2 different people (sort of like having a split mind)

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