I m obese?

what is the solution to such problem
i think it is so common among us ?
i want to look good
it is good to be healthy of course too
it is good aim indeed
to achieve many things in the same time

aside from normal ppl who cant lose weight
it is not our topic here

for me i hv delusion of control
that made me think “”" i will never lose weight"""

i even forget to weight myself often

i never remember to weight myself except if i eat too much

i also my body weight increase , decrease, increase increase decrease
at the end i lose the game and dont lose weight !!!


The solution is to eat balanced


what about
this delusion i have ???
that make the matter …harder even

why should you believe that you cannot loose weight ? becuase of the voices—they are just illness speaking, it is not really you

if you think about it logically, if you are determined, you might be able to…

try eating less food but not too little, and walking every day


As many have stated here on this forum, losing weight comprises of 2 components.

  1. Exercise which may consist of aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  2. Eating healthy & eating consistently throughout the day.

as i said to you
they make games on me
they make me forget to weight myself except if i overeat

also they say “”""you will never lose weight

if you managed to lose weight …you will be considered not mentally ill"""""
and we exist we are not nothing !!!""""
things like that !!!

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i am sorry to hear that

that must be extremely difficult

if it is possible try to understand that they are maybe not in control of you though

i know it is difficult to believe

but at least try to consider it as a possibility

and like i said when they say ’ you will never loose weight’…why should you have to believe them?

the voices are just a illness, they don’t always make sense.

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Ignore it, it’s most likely the meds causing weight gain. I gained weight no matter what I ate and plateaued at 240 pounds.

I never thought I’d lose weight but I switched meds and lost 80 pounds.


Hey. Definitely the meds I went from 138 pounds to 214 pounds in ten years. A little of the weight is coming off… but it takes major efforts


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Eat wisely. It takes time to switch from American fast food to healthy alternatives. I used to crave fatty or salty foods like pizza and chips :fries:.Instead of going to maccas i choose Asian fast food like sushi. You could try fruits or veggies with water. I am obese myself, when i want to have a normal weight, i have to eat wisely for the rest of my life to stay slim.

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not really you

See that is kind of my problem. My delusions are me. They can’t come from anywhere else. It’s how I choose to perceive reality. It is my illness but my illness is me. You can’t separate me from it. That’s where a lot of people’s issues with voices comes in, because they think it isn’t them when it is. It’s a phenomena arising in you that comes from your mind, which has a disease that affects all facets of your being.

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I mean in the sense that the messaging is not really you. It’s sick messaging. I think sick messaging can lie. It’s just my belief. It’s like for example someone with really low self esteem they may think no one likes them, but it’s not really true even though the message comes from them. Sorry you’re right that wasn’t clear.

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Right, all I’m saying is that we are lying to ourselves. It comes from an internal source.

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Basically I’m seperating the sickness from the person. Yes it’s both from me. But I don’t identify as schizophrenia.

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See, I can’t separate any aspect of myself from myself without denying some aspect of what makes me me. If I wasn’t schizophrenic, I wouldn’t see the world the way I do. I wouldn’t interact the way I do with the world and I wouldn’t see the result of that interaction. I can be in denial of the fact that I have an illness, but that limits my awareness of reality.