I’m not sure what to do

I was never diagnosed with schizophrenia but I’m always seeing/hearing things that nobody else does and I swear that everybody is out to get me. I relate to almost everything that people with schizophrenia do and I’m not exactly sure what to do. I’m only 13 years old and I’m afraid to tell anyone because I feel like nobody will believe me. Help please!!

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If you don’t try talking to your parents, you won’t know the results, I guess.

Few people have so much self-awareness at 13 to realize they are hallucinating and delirious, though. Even fewer people who hallucinate and are delirious realize it, no matter the age.

If you are a real 13 years old and have just said that, good way to go! talk to your parents and don’t mention schizophrenia, only explain the symptoms and let them figure it out. They are sure to help, if not, talk to a close teacher at school or even the psychologist there.

Please be real, (I don’t like to admit it, but I believe you are not who you say you are, sorry about that if I am mistaken) please be safe as well, no matter if you are a 13 years old with incredible self-awareness or not.

Talk to your parents or school counselor. Early intervention is the most important thing to prevent grey matter loss and further problems down the road.


Yeah. Definitely talk to your parents.

I actually am 13, almost 14 but I thought I was just imagining everything so I started doing research myself. I found a few websites that had info on schozophrenia, I did online tests, and I talked to others who have schizophrenia and are recovering.

You should talk to your parents as soon as possible

Sounds like good advice to me.

If it’s schizophrenia, the sooner it is diagnosed and then treated, the better the prognosis. But I don’t know if it’s schizophrenia or not.


I was 14 when I first had hallucinations. It was right after my mother died. I think the stress of her death was a trigger for me.


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