I’m not sick?

Thanks @RefrigerateAfterOpening

I got off my meds a few years ago and I was fine for about 6 months, then I got delusional with bad depression. So I would be careful if your getting off your meds.

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No I’m not getting off all my meds.
Going to stay on the AP, just getting off the Depakote for health reasons.

I should be ok.


Maybe a option is to try to work with your mood from the point where it becomes a issue. I mean it might be the medication, but then again it might also be a warning of what is to come if you go completely off.

I would recommend excersising if you aren’t already as this has a very positive impact on mood. Even working out for just 1 hour a week can make a huge impact. You could do 20minutes three times a week or whatever suits you. Also I have heard of others who find meditation useful. Focusing on positive words or thoughts. I have just started meditating myself. It is early days, but I think it is helping me.

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Yeah I’ve been eating a lot more healthy and exercising some more.