I’m not ready to die

but i really want to get the chip out of my wrist, but i don’t want to accidentally bleed out. i feel like if i got the chip out things would get a lot better. i can’t shake the thought that i need to get it out, it wakes me up at night :frowning:

Things wont get better, you’ll have another delusion like another chip in another location.

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Go to the hospital or tell someone if you feel like harming yourself.


:cry::cry: when will this all end, sometimes i feel like if i never get any better then what’s the point :frowning:

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There’s no chip in your wrist. Why do you think that?

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Did your wrist surprise you with something?

took some of my prn medication. feel less bad now. still a bit worried but thanks everyone for the support

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I’ve had a delusion that my pacemaker is a control implant for at least a quarter century. Now it’s mild and manageable. You need to be open and honest with your treatment team and take medications as directed and use whatever therapy is availble. This type of delusion can be overcome in time if you are treated for it and push back against it. It’s certainly not real and you’ll discover, nothing to worry about or lose sleep over.

Hope this helps.


Yes there’s no microchip go to the hospital

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Maybe you are born 250 years to early.

I’m sorry you are struggling :hugs:

Hope things get better

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There’s no chip in you. You need to tell your psychiatrist that you’re having these thoughts about self harming.

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