I’m mad at my doc

He just increases my meds slowly

So what? You should be mad at your psychosis

I am mad at it too but the meds aint working

How do you know?

I still have paranoia

Without meds you would have 100times worse paranoia. Have you thought about it?

Well that could be the case

Never notice how much the meds help until you don’t take them.

Off medication I have more severe symptoms, the delusions get stronger, the voices bother me more, paranoia sets in, insight is lost.

I greatly prefer to take the meds. They don’t take it all away, but it turns down the symptoms.

Took me a few years to find the right med combination and dosages. Trust the process. It gets better, but it’s going to take time.

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don’t be mad with your doc… he just tries his best with the things that he knows about the meds.

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