I’m lovin mango leaf tea

I have it once a week. Someone on here recommended it, I love the stuff.

Mango leaves contain mangeferin. That’s the good stuff. Gives you a sense of well being.

Mangeferin is also found in coffee leaves.

I haven’t tried coffee leaf tea yet, but I’m happy with mango leaf tea.

The stuff is helpful for schizophrenia in trials as an add on to antipsychotics drugs.

It’s an anti inflammatory substance. Mangeferin can improve focus for up to 5 hours according to reports I’ve read.

Though I only take it once in a while.

So mango leaf tea, it’s good stuff , try it.

Also helps with gaming. I’m doing faster lap times on Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5.

I’ve got the wheel set up for racing games etc…

So try it for yourself and let me know how you feel if you want, it’s nice stuff


I imagine you like to test things out a lot so have you tried ‘Sentia’ yet?


No what’s that?

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World’s First Gaba Spirit | Alcohol Free Spirits – Sentia Spirits

There is also:

Three Spirit GB | Non-Alcoholic Drinks | Functional Drinks – Three Spirit UK (threespiritdrinks.com)


Interesting. But I don’t like taking things with more than 1 herb in it. Them drinks sound interesting but I don’t know the ingredients.

I’d rather take 1 herb at a time and let myself get used to it.

But the drink sounds good.

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But all these new herbs are interesting. Thanks to internet you can learn a tone about all these magical herbs

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This will help me focus on maths, thanks for the post bro

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Don’t take too much.

Yes it definitely improves focus. The focus will last days after as well.

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Can you let me know how you get on with mango leaf? Thanks

Sure. Ill have to wait to be able to order it, im skint at the moment


Okay, best of luck. I’m getting great lap times on PlayStation. I think it’s the mango leaf. Well I’m sure it’s that.

Wow. I’ll have to try it

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Let us know how you get on

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