İ m learning excel

today İ bought this book from amazon.i want to be pro on excel because its really core program nearly every field of business and its look like this not going to change soon.so i want to be professional excel user.:sunrise_over_mountains:


I like Excel, it’s pretty much the reason I still have a job


Congratulations on your initiative


Thank you :laughing::sunrise_over_mountains: 15151515

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There’s plenty of tik tokers doing excel tips, you can search there too.
Once you feel comfortable with excel you might try R, it’s not that hard and it would help your productivity as well, besides it has great visuals.

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What is R ? Does it programming language?

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It’s a programming language focus on the same things of excel, but you can apply some machine learning and much more on your data. Besides your excel data can be read there too.

The main advantages of R is that your data is always stored on memory and you can see it on the file you’re writing and has way more graphs than excel. Whatever you imagine to plot your data, R has it. Because there’s ton of packages you can import easily. You can also do reports there where you just need to fill the spaces that you need and export as a pdf or something else.

For e.g imagine you want to write a report about fires in some year in your country, you can make R do a pic of your country with red dots on the areas where the most fires happened. Again the limits are your imagination.

Having learned python in college I think you must be careful with parentheses and spacing, other than that it’s super easy.


Thats cool.its look like exciting language.especially machine learning stuff.thank you for letting me now.can you recommend good book source for R

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I don’t have any books to learn how to code, although I have one about statistics applied on R that is free.
You just click on download and it opens the pdf which you can save in your computer


It’s the only resource I have for free, I have other resources but require that you had algebra in college cuz it’s operations on matrices. But you don’t need to have math on college to know how to use it, but it helps to do more stuff.

I bet there’s a ton of things on the webz to learn the basics, like functions, lists, the if, elif and else commands. Nowadays that kind of information is free and easily accessible and once you understand it and know how to apply the rest is easy.

My only recommendation is that you use it when you’re trying to learn, reading books about coding by itself doesn’t help that much, you have to install R and write the things and run the commands, otherwise you won’t learn much.

The cheap course that I liked has a bit of math, like matrices from algebra if you’re interested I’ll pm you the course, it’s like 15$ or so.

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Thank you for your reply.i will check it.i hope it may useful other people who interested in

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