I m just a beginner noob

Studying is hard. And being noob is hard too

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Everything is hard I don’t know what to do

Just stick with it. You’ll learn and eventually you won’t be a noob anymore


Yeah that’s true . I need patience. I learn stupid things that noob learns. Life is pathetic

It’s not pathetic. You’re a beginner. It’s ok. Just stick with it


I roll very slow

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That’s ok too. Don’t worry about speed. Just concern yourself with learning as much as you’re able


Everyone starts out as a noob. Keep at it consistently and you will get past it.

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after being tortured at my house five or so ago and nearly dying six or seven times my family kicked me out into the desert homeless.

And some crazy female raped me like five hundred times, some kind of psychic sex addict or some â– â– â– â– .

How are you?

It’s Pan! I’m dealing with treatment resistance right now. How are you, Pan?

The pains of war cannot exceed the woes of aftermath…the drums will shake the castle’s walls…the ring wraiths ride in black…ride on…

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