I’m hungry

Any idea what I should eat?

I always like an omellete. You just need two eggs and some fillings which can be a lot of stuff. Simple bacon, onion and cheese is a good meal and not too over the top.


I often eat oven-heated frozen french fries with a main course that varies. Today we made some burgers from scratch with lots of onions and I put american cheese and some bacon strips on it and put it on a bun, had a big old meal was very good.

Tonight it’s probably a bagel and some hardboiled eggs or some shrimp.

Maybe my diet could give you some ideas? If fast food was open I’d get a spicy chicken sandwich or some nachos.

Omelette is a good suggestion though. I make them with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, cubed ham, crumbled bacon, and sometimes some really finely chopped onion.

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you should have a twisted tea for dinner

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I know the feeling. I just had some ravioli and upped my daily calories to 2100. I’m supposed to lose 0.5lb with these calories. I was trying to keep it at 1400 to lose 2lbs, but I couldn’t stand it.

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