I’m having some anxiety

I’m at a friend’s place, but I’m really anxious about my apartment. Sometimes when I come home, things are not as I left them.

Tonight I’m really anxious about someone being in it.
What if they take my things?
What if they’re still there when I get home?
What if they come while I’m alone?

Can someone please talk me down?
I’m getting really worked up and I know it’s irrational, but my stomach is still churning. I’m restless.

I used to get really anxious about being in the house alone at night. Sometimes I would “feel” someone in the house an intruder and I would be searching the house trying to find them.

When I got anxious I would cuddle with my dog or text a friend. I’d come to this forum.

I would also go to sleep early to sleep it off. I wouldn’t feel so anxious being home alone during the day.

I’m also having some major anxiety, so I feel your pain. I’m supposed to drive my mother to chemo tomorrow in the city, but I do not feel comfortable at all doing that. Hopefully someone else can take her, but I feel bad about not being able to drive her.

Hang in there! @Pikasaur

Sorry I didn’t reply until today. I’m still anxious, but I’m trying to remain rational.

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was your stuff messed with or was it okay?

I’m on my way home.
I’m wondering if I’m just losing it. I don’t know if my things aren’t where they should be because I moved them and forgot, or something else happened.

One time, the sliding door to my bathroom was open and half the coats were on the floor.
Another time someone had rewrapped a present and ruffled things in my open suitcase.

It’s just little things, and it kills me not knowing if I did them or someone else did.

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Oh no, I hope everything is fine

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I’m still anxious.
Nothing had been moved in my apartment, but I can’t shake the feeling someone is gonna come in.
I don’t know what to do. I want to leave, but I also fear if I do, they’ll come in.
I don’t know if I should maybe take some prn

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