I’m having an “I’m not good enough” day

I overslept by a lot. I sleep way too much, and I’m real embarassed by it. Missed a call and tried to return in but the other person isn’t picking up.
I ate an hour ago, but I feel like eating again.
Why am I like this?
I’ve been having insatiable cravings for something, I don’t know what, but nothing seems to fulfill it.

I feel like I’m a trash person.

Is this due to your meds? It sounds like it. I’m getting uncontrollable urges to eat on Abilify. What do you take?

I take Invega and Seroquel

Do you have insight into “this too shall pass”. I mean deep down I think you know you’re not worthless. It just seems to be during certain episodes. I know when I had episodes when I learned it was episodic it helped for me to get insights into the nature of “this too shall pass” and eventually the episodes lose their power a bit that way.


Seroquel made me unable to feel full while feeling intensely hungry. It also made me sleep all day and all night. I took it for a year. It was awful

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