I’m having a difficult time trusting my new therapist

I’m having all kinds of irrational thoughts surrounding my new therapist.
I can sense that it could be turning delusional, but right now I have insight.

I’m having ideas that she’s someone posing as a social worker/therapist.

She’s actually very attractive and too good looking to be a therapist.

Am I nuts or what?

Don’t know if I should give it some more time or that if I should contact my psychiatrist right away.

I’m getting paranoid making contact with her now.

It’s too bad because she seemed to be very understanding over the phone.

Hopefully these twisted thoughts will go away.

I am not divulging a lot because It’s too messed up.

Wish I never had this god forsaken illness.


You should contact the pdoc because the treatment isn’t going to be helpful if you already feel suspicious of her?


Hopefully it will pass.
I have a hard time adjusting to change.


That’s pretty sexist, @wave and not something I’d expect from you.

People can be attractive and professional.

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I’m not a sexist person but yeah this kind of does seem to be sexist.
You’re right @ZombieMombie

Not very proud of this.

That makes no sense. Attractive people need jobs too. They can’t all be movie actresses and supermodels.

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I know @Treebeard
You are right.

Im ashamed of myself for thinking this way but unfortunately it ties into one of my delusional themes.

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When I was looking through the Psychology Today therapist directory I saw lots of young and attractive therapists.

Some of their photos were more like glamour shots than professional headshots. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Bingo! 15555544

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Then you know it is a delusion and you need to actively work against it.

Give her a chance and base your thoughts on her work not her looks.

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Yeah she seemed very professional and caring.
You are right @ZombieMombie I’m not going throw it all away based on some distorted thinking.

I’m going to go through with our appointment next week.



Thats the way to go! Proud of you.


I’m in my area where I don’t get many choices for a therapist,
and the woman I have, there’s no credentials on the wall,
but I like her,
she goes my way, but Phil says she Has to,
that’s what she gets paid for.
also, I’m seeing nurse practionshioner (sp) for pdoc.
but for you, Wave,
it’s probably not appropriate to ask Her questions

about herself, but many times I wish they would reveal that.

This is what I meant to say!

Some of the therapists profile photos look like glamour shots!

I’m really far from being a sexist person.

I wasn’t clear enough.

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25 years ago I had a male therapist who I got along great with, but then he transferred to Virginia to work with homebound veterans.

My new therapist, who was well-qualified (PhD from Stanford), was gorgeous. OMG, she was, in my eyes, the personification of beauty. Of course it wasn’t her fault, nor my fault, that I found her beautiful.

She spoke to me for about 5 minutes, after which I told her that I hadn’t heard a word she said. I told her that I found her so beautiful I couldn’t concentrate. She said it was natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

I was assigned another therapist.

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I had a therapist who was extremely good looking and she was a real social worker/therapist. She was the best one I ever had

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I can get past her looks.
My first telephone session went well.
She seemed very professional.
Seems like she has experience treating schizoaffective bipolar patients.

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@Wave do not be ashamed of yourself, or of how you are thinking. It was the other way around for me. I trusted my therapist with My Soul, but I had no faith in the psychiatrist.

I seriously doubt from what you have said that this is a sexist thing, it is more than likely tied up in a sense of self-worth or self-image issue. I am intimidated by beauty, also. It must be a hangover from high school, lol

Does it sound shallow? It does, but we all do it. We size someone up in the first moment by how they present themselves, how they are dressed etc etc etc. You don’t have to be ashamed of something we all do, schizophrenic or not.

If you gave her a chance and got to know her, do you think these feelings would change? Or is it something you just can’t get past? Only you know that

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I’m pretty sure I can get past her looks especially once I am familiar with her.

Thanks @dcragg65

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@Wave :+1::+1: - good call

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