I’m gonna get set up

The IRA have several high ups in the guards on their payroll, and can pin any crime on a helpless person like me. If they want you to go down you will go down, the guards are in on it

They are very good at getting lookalikes, for instance I once thought my brother was in the IRA because he was driving by me like the IRA do but it wasn’t him, I also thought I seen Anthony but it wasn’t him either.

I think they are gonna implicate me in some type of crime in the same way by getting my lookalike, jeep, and possibly my DNA (hair) at the scene of some type of crime, and then when I get interviewed the guards will be paid off to bring me down no matter what I say.

I don’t think this will happen while my mother and sister are still alive because they will be able to vouch for my whereabouts, I think this will only happen when I am alone. I think this is what will happen next.

Any help appreciated :pensive:



@Blizzard 1(2;443

You are suffering from psycosis.

I know I’m on a forum for schizophrenics because I know I’m a schizophrenic. That’s not what this is though, I’m really in trouble

I’m sorry you are suffering from this delusion.

I hope you are able to get out from underneath it.

You deserve some relief.

Im in the same boat, my voices Logan Wilson is setting me up, ass raping me, trying to put me in jail for him raping kids but saying its me, its cruel he is evil and tells everyone im evil instead but I wouldnt be sz if I took over the world

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Your voice ass rapes you as well?

Yup among other things he makes me do but he always tells everyone its me ass raping him while he’s ass raping me. Hes a good manipulator but I know who it is, hes trying to have everyone write down lies saying its me harassing him.

Do you actually feel pressure on yer ass?

It literally feels like it

Does he talk to you while he’s doing it? I hear nothing I’m just kinda half asleep and it happens

No he talks to everyone he pushes to do it, I usually dont hear him when its happening while hes brainwashing, what does it feel like from your end?

I think when your weak it makes the IRA even more bloodthirsty, and it won’t affect the outcome. So should I act stronger? Will this help me survive

IRA don’t have time and resources to focus that much effort and attention on a mentally ill farmer.

Your paranoia is worsening, and you’re turning coincidences into proof where there is none.
You overall seem to have a hard time separating psychosis from reality.

Please please PLEASE tell everything to your pdoc before you get too sick to have any insight or end up doing something really stupid.
I’m very worried about you.

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Also, if they wanted you gone, you’d been long gone by now.

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You are afraid to get kidnapped. Thats ok. I am afraid of other real things too. I got fcked in the ass as well, i felt it too. But i wouldn’t say it was rape, just an unusual experience. Sometimes i wake up and feel like i fell out of the garbage truck. I don’t know what is, just let it be, its going to be ok.

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Ha I lold. I know it sounds fcking nuts but it’s true. They are trying to prove a point. Their whole thing is to fck with peoples minds they love it. They have a lot of members. It’s not as bad as last time so far becuase I haven’t been hearing voices but I’m nervous of the future, I feel like I’m in limbo waiting for this life change or med change thing to happen

You felt the sensation too!? It was a tactile hallucinations . You felt it?

I’m pretty sure they don’t want me deAd… at this moment. They want me punished though for sure so I think something even worse is coming besides all the following