I’m going to start sleeping only seven hours a night

I decided I like being awake much more than being asleep and I keep having weird and bad dreams and I don’t like that. Sleeping less will also help me to be more successful in life because I can get more done.


I’m going to sleep from midnight to 7am.

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Recently I had a dream where a guy kept telling lies.

Wish i could do that. No i sleep my 10 to 12 hours.

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Oh yeah, good for you :grinning: 7 hours is relatively enough for an adult :slightly_smiling_face: The days are more important, I agree…
Me, I was always the opposite though, I am able to sleep a lot, but my life passed away with that… Plus, I fight now even to love again the days, so sleeping less for me sounds better.

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I try to enjoy every day

Yeah, I know… but all my sick family were a big sleepers and it turned to be an illness for me…
I find the need to sleep less a better mind set tbh :slightly_smiling_face: 7, 8 hours maximum is enough sleep for an adult :wink: .

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Sleep deprivation is a quick and efficient way to treat depression. It works 60 to 70 percent of the time—far better than existing drugs—but the mood boost usually lasts only until the patient falls asleep. As an ongoing treatment, sleep deprivation is impractical, but researchers have been studying the phenomenon in an effort to uncover the cellular mechanisms behind depression and remission. Now a team at Tufts University has pinpointed glia as the key players.

Wellbutrin stops my depression. I just want to sleep the least amount possible so I can accomplish more in life.

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Oh, i see… I always feel good when i have slept less. I might decrease how long i sleep too.

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Your plan might be a good one while remaining healthy. According to this graph 7-9 hours is optimal.

8 hours appears to be the best, 7 hours is a very close second, 9 hours is pretty good too. Anything more or less is bad.

But everyone is unique so take this graph with a grain of salt.

I read online that adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Ive tried this before and it just made me moody, slow thinking and always sleepy. I fell alseep on a bus once because of it. Very embarrassing (very close to going on a route I didnt want to).

Good luck. Be interested to hear how you get on in a couple of months time.

I’ve had this argument before with a friend. 7 is a minimum, not a guide. And even then, it used to be 8 for a long time as minimum (again not optimal, but the minimum humans should get daily). Its a very recent thing for people to cut it down to 7.
I sleep for at leas 10 hours a night. Sometimes far more. When I have less I feel moody and find processing things harder.

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